Q & A

Booking Policies:

There will be a 100% refund should there be a no-show.

Dancers are to be paid, in cash, upon arrival.

We only take requests on specific dancers for your event – ultimately we let our dancers choose where they work & with who they’d like to be working with…therefore, dancers may be subject to change and we hold this right of making such dancer changes, under any circumstance, to best serve our clients.

We have a Zero-Harassment policy.  The dancers will have the right to leave for any reason that leads them to feel disrespected or unsafe.

Party Rules:

No pictures &/or videos unless prior approval is given.  This is our #1, so please be respectful.

Please make sure to provide music set-up capable for all phones [getting to have both auxiliary & bluetooth is preferred].

No smoking indoors while the dancers are performing.

The dancers collect payment [again, cash] before they perform any service.