Waitressing with a Twist of Tale
Posted on March 31, 2014 in Adult Entertainment, Topless waitresses
Topless waitresses

You may never have found waitresses as sensuous as the ones from World Exotic Talent. They have the talent of waitressing with a twist. The twist in the tale is that they will not only provide waitressing services at your party, but will also offer body shots as their “teaser pleaser” show for some extra bucks. You will love their waitressing services not only because they are hot and sexy, but also because they are Topless waitresses. That’s right! They will strip and show off their busty assets while serving you a drink or some snacks.

Waitressing offered by World Exotic Talent is not limited to these services. If you shell out some extra bucks, the waitress can also provide a topless bar-tending service. Moreover, you can get her to do a topless or nude lap dance, or sell various body shots like the boobs, pussy, and booty for different prices. Apart from waitressing, they can also dance to the music in their topless attire to entice you. Such entertainment has no bounds. However, the only rules that these waitresses have is no smoking is permitted while they are working, and no photographs can be clicked.

You can also have a game or two of poker. These waitresses have an additional feather to their cap of being poker dealers, too. They will set the table and arrange the game while posing topless for you and your friends. So, the next time you are having a party, don’t forget to hire these seductive Topless waitresses. They will certainly twist the tale of your party with their topless show. It will also change the mood of your guests. Bring life to your party with these exotic waitresses!

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