Teaser Pleaser Strippers at Your Party
Posted on March 18, 2014 in Strippers
strippers in Edmonton

Have you had a party with strippers in Edmonton? If no, now is the time to please your adult guests with some strip show. If yes, why should you not try it once again? This time, you and your guests can enjoy some skin show with body shots or a fully nude show. World Exotic Talent provides sensuous strip tease shows with models as hot as your iron. With perfect curves and throbbing assets, these strippers know just how to seduce and please anyone. The show, generally, lasts for 20-30 minutes or so, but if you have a roaring lot, it can go on for a longer time. The only rule is no smoking and clicking pictures.

The “Teaser Pleaser” is a treat for all who love body shots like the boobs, pussy and booty. You can also enjoy a rhythmic lap dancer bounce on a song or two, or a fully nude model matching the tempo with a sensual lap dance. You can also conclude this exotic party with a game played by these strippers, which is decided by Ateasa Love, the proud and attractive owner of Oshun Secrets Entertainment that offers World Exotic Talent. When you hire immaculate strippers in Edmonton, no one will want to miss your party. So, stock up the food and drinks, if you have announced a strip show for your guests in your invitation. You have to pay the price for having such a naughty idea of a party. Nevertheless, enjoy the show!

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