Hannah Love- Only For Playboys!
Posted on February 26, 2014 in Promotional Modeling, Uncategorized

Worldexotictalent, the stripper agency keeps the stock of the best beautiful girls and saves them for you! Look at this babelicious girl, her name is Hannah Love. The deeper you look into her hypnotic eyes, the more you’ll go out of control. Her swaying body will tantalize your senses. Her perfectly rounded booty and big breasts is the hot stuff of the season. Her smoking hot curvaceous figure seems like an adult magazine cover girl coming to reality.

She belongs to the sexy terrain of Edmonton and is a part of our choicest selection of topless waitresses. She is too hot to handle! Her smile and bedroom eyes will keep you coming back for more. This hot Lassie with big juicy lips will give you sleepless nights. Her body is an unforgettable trip you will forever remember. She is here to feed your greed. She wouldn’t wait for you to ask, but she will make sure to take the lead. She will turn you on with her silky hair and charming features.

So, Playboys! This blonde dirty chick from our dancing agency is ready to do the dance moves you want to see that will bring out the animal in you. Get ready to enjoy with this stripper as you have a steamy and warm night. It’s crazy to leave her for nothing, only a crazy man would!


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