Edmonton Bachelor Party Strippers Gone Hunting
Posted on October 24, 2013 in Photo Shoot Marathon

Edmonton Bachelor Party Strippers Gone Hunting! 

Ateasa Love and Tianna Love traveled pass Drayton Valley Alberta, for a gone hunting party! Two hours down lease roads and half hour quad ride in a remote camp site. Where these hunters set up camp well equipped! Two story dirt floor cabin that sleeps 10 people, a kitchen with a stove, sink with running water, BBQ, cupboards, shower shack and beautiful wood carved furniture to relax. Electricity powered by generators. These hunters have it all. Home away from home they say.

Adventuring on!

Edmonton bachelor party strippers take another ride on a tight quad trail, down to the river. There they took out the riffle and blast a few rounds! Also capturing some beautiful photo’s. Not many models will in the world get to go to remote places like this. Edmonton bachelor party strippers are very happy to be invited to a place as unique as this set up by the amazing hunters!

Work and Play

As the day turns into night the guns were put away. No more blasting bread buns! Then having an amazing dinner even with deer sausage! The day was tons of fun. Good times and great memories!

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