Why choose us for an incredible Bachelor Party in Edmonton?
Posted on December 9, 2014 in Bachelor party

So you’ve been entrusted to arrange the most memorable weekend of your best mate’s life. Excellent! But wait, doesn’t that mean sorting out something for him and a load of his closest friends to do in the day and at night? You’ve come to the right place!

Our naughty chicks are extremely seductive and does kinky stuff that inspires you to fling away your chaste character and unleash the beast the in you. Report us to join up your ranks for incredible stag weekends that won’t need mandatory conscription to get the boys onside. We offer solo and duo nude strip shows, with the availability of a shooter to opt for. Exotic games such as the ass hunter, nipple twister and twerking are a few to name.

Our years of experience in making sure that you and the thousands upon thousands stags in Edmonton we’ve entertained actually do have the best send-off possible, all without the stress of making it a lively bachelor party, or the perfect ideas to suit the group. Oshun Secrets is not just an adult entertainment company, it’s a brand. We are known for our perfection, as well as well-reputed for the top notch quality we provide in terms of girls and entertainment. Our hot babes are highly graceful, charming and drama free, all the more reason to celebrate.

Pair up our totty-packed performers with endless knowledge of off-the-wall activities, the crazy messiness and freedom in all of the above – and you’re already on the road to stag weekend infamy. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this bachelor party in Edmonton sorted!

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