Brunettes Or Blondes – Which Make The Best Exotic Strippers?
Posted on April 15, 2017 in Entertainment, Stag Dancers, Top exotic dancer

This is a question that comes up a lot. In a brief, informal poll I took of our favorite Edmonton clients for the writing of this piece, the answer was heavily in favor of brunette, though admittedly, it was a small sample sized poll. The specific reason given was the astonishing array of looks and ethnicity that tend to be brunette. African, Greek, Italian, Egyptian, Central Asian….blonde women just don’t have the same range. That said, nearly everyone in my informal poll agreed that blonde women tended to catch the eye more quickly because their lighter hair stood out.

Really, there are a staggering number of factors that come into play. Hair color might get you noticed, but what men really love is the length. Long hair got nearly three times the votes in my informal poll than shorter hair. Men prefer long hair, regardless of color.  In fact, red hair came out as a huge favorite.

It goes without saying that to please and attract the audience, you have to have superb dancing skill. If you can move your body and entice men with it, they probably won’t even remember what color your hair was. They’re after the fantasy – the shimmering woman on the stage, dancing just for them. If you give them that fantasy, you’re a hit, no matter what color your mane might be.

The other big factor in what makes a woman an unforgettable exotic stripper is her persona. A stripper’s persona is a combination of her dancing style, her clothes, her body, he face and her hair. If all of those elements are working in combination with each other, then that woman is going to be a success as a stripper.

If a stripper dyes her hair a color that clashes with her skin tone, or if her clothes clash with her style of dancing, she’s not going to do as well. All the elements have to mesh together to create a sensual whole that drives men wild and ignites their imaginations. The woman who can do that consistently will be remembered as the best stripper at the party.

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